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France, among the highest growth of the Top 20 countries hosting FDI

  CNUCED Global Report on Investment, released in June 2019, has confirmed France’s attractiveness in hosting FDI* France has received no less than 37,3 billion dollars in FDI in 2018, a 25.1%-increase in comparison…

Paris, ranking second for business investments!

  Paris becomes the second most appealing city to start a new company! According to a recent survey led by the Global Cities Invesment Monitor, Paris has now reached the top-3 cities in terms…

Data is the key to a marketer’s heart

Data is the key to a marketer’s heart After the 60’s  mailing  and phoning mass-targeting era, 80’s computer processing to target specific segments of population, and the ever-increasing consumer dependance on their cellphones, marketing has…

The 4 commandements of event management

 “The face to face interactions that take place at events are incredibly powerful”* This quote might appear surprisingly, especially coming from Julie Hogan, Global Face-to Face Marketing Director of Facebook | Instagram. However, in a…

Do you content marketing?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 10 years, there is no way that you’ve missed on one of the many articles that have been written on content marketing. But in…


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