Anthea McIntyre

MEP (ECR), Rapporteur for technological solutions to sustainable agriculture in the EU, European Parliament

Anthea McIntyre became an MEP in 2011 and is the Conservative Employment Spokesman. In July 2014, she was elected as the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Co-ordinator on the Employment & Social Affairs Committee in the Parliament and in July 2015 joined the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) panel. McIntyre serves on the Agriculture Committee. She wrote a report on “The future of Europe’s horticulture sector – strategies for growth,” which was adopted by the European Parliament in 2014. She has written a further report on “Technological Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture in the EU”. McIntyre is also the rapporteur for the legislation on “Protective Measures against Pests of Plants,” and has recently concluded trialogue negotiations between the European institutions. She is also a partner in the family’s agricultural small-holding and vineyard. She gained valuable experience as a Parliamentary Candidate in the West Midlands region – the heart of British manufacturing – and served for eight years as a County Councillor.