Emmanuel Faber

chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Danone

Emmanuel Faber became Danone’s Chief Executive Officer in 2014 and since 2017, Chairman of the Board. Since 2019, he is Co-Chair of the Consumer Goods Forum.

Faber actively contributes to building a global business movement for biodiversity with the “One Planet Business for Biodiversity” (OP2B) coalition, launched in 2019 at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, which gathers 21 leading companies joining forces to step up regenerative farming practices and to protect biodiversity.

Strongly committed to promoting innovative inclusive business models, since 2019, he also spearheads the Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) initiative. In 2005, he supervised the first social business experiments conducted in Bangladesh with Grameen Bank and the creation of Danone Communities in 2006. Faber joined Danone in 1997.

Faber began his career at Bain & Company before working as an investment banker at Baring Brothers. He moved to Legris Industries, where he was named Chief Executive Officer in 1996.