Juliette Protino

engineer in agronomy and project manager, European Rural Poultry Association (ERPA)

Spotlight Discussion – Animal Farm

Juliette PROTINO is an Engineer in Agronomy and project manager at the European Rural Poultry Association. She is also a deputy director at SYNALAF (Syndicat National des Labels Avicoles de France). ERPA was created in 2007 to defend free range, extensive, slow-growing and family-based methods of farming; to represent and support professional rural poultry producers in Europe; to help to preserve and develop rural poultry production and its genetic diversity; to promote the rural poultry production in order for the EU to recognize its particularities in the regulations and to be a forum of dialogue between European rural poultry players, in particular on animal health and welfare, preservation of the environment and rural territories topics. ERPA members are national organizations representing rural poultry producers in Europe and poultry breeding companies of colored rustic breeds intended for these productions.