Marie-Claude Bibeau

Minister of agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

Marie-Claude Bibeau has been a minister of agriculture and agri-food for Canada since March 1, 2019. Bibeau became the first woman in Canadian history to hold this position.

Today, she is committed to ensuring the well-being of farming families, the prosperity of rural Canada and the protection of our environment. Her responsibilities include implementing Canada’s first food policy. Bibeau is also committed to ensuring that women and youth are better represented in the functions and decision-making processes of the various agricultural sectors.

Upon joining Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, Bibeau served as minister of international development and La Francophonie. Under her leadership, Canada adopted a feminist international aid policy. Her commitment to the empowerment of women and girls internationally earned her the World Vision Voice of Children Award in 2019 and the CARE Global Leaders Network Humanitarian Award in 2018.

A graduate from the Université de Sherbrooke in economics and environmental studies, Bibeau was a manager of international projects and an entrepreneur in the tourism sector prior to being elected to the House of Commons for the first time in 2015. She represents the riding of Compton-Stanstead, which is located in the Eastern Townships, in southern Quebec.