Patrick Trötschler

deputy managing director and program manager, Bodensee-Stiftung

High-Level Panel Discussion – Putting Action to Words: The Food Supply Chain after the farm to fork strategy

Patrick Trötschler is a certificated agriculturist and is working as deputy managing director for the Bodensee Stiftung, a project-oriented organization for nature conservation.

The organization works towards sustainable economy in the international Lake Constance area and beyond since 1994.

With his team, Trötschler develops and realizes projects for more biodiversity, climate protection and sustainable adaptation in agriculture.

He is the project coordinator in the current LIFE AgriAdapt project focusing on sustainable adaptation of typical EU farming systems to climate change.

The project is demonstrating how sustainable adaptation measures can help livestock, arable and permanent crop farms to become more climate resilient.

He also works in projects to improve the biodiversity performance of standards and labels within the food industry, by supporting standard organizations to include efficient biodiversity criteria into their schemes; and motivating food processing companies and retailers to include biodiversity criteria into their sourcing guidelines.

Another example is the PRO PLANET apple project in close cooperation with REWE Group and Obst vom Bodensee trading company. His third major responsibility is the use of the AgriClimateChangeTool (ACCT) for evaluating the energy consumption and GHG-emissions of European farms. Based on the results, Lake Constance Foundation develops actions plans for each farm to reduce consumptions and emissions.