Petra Berkhout

chief agricultural economist of Wageningen University & Research

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Petra Berkhout is an agricultural economist with a professional experience of 30 years, mainly in the area of the Common Agricultural Policy(CAP). Prior to her current position she was co-manager of the EU funded project FOODSECURE, an interdisciplinary research project to explore the future of food and nutrition security, 2014-2017.

Previously she was editor of the Dutch annual agricultural report for more than commissioned by the ministry of Agriculture from 2003 to 2018.

She took up research and participated among others in SAPARD projects in Lithuania and Poland from 2000. She has ample experience in impact assessments in the area of the first pillar of the CAP and in evaluation studies, especially of rural development programs.

Previously, Berkhout worked for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, first in the area of the agricultural market policy, later in the area of EU rural and structural policies for the agricultural sector, including state aid procedures.