Caroline Pernelle

Lead on Organisation mondiale de l’intelligence artificielle (OMIA), Montréal International

Caroline Pernelle is a consultant for Montreal International to lead the creation of a World Organization of Artificial Intelligence, a trainer at the École des Dirigeants for the IA Fundamentals course signed by IVADO and mentor for Techstars AI.

Engineer from Polytechnique Montréal and the EPF-School of Engineering in France, with a specialization in aeronautics and aerospace, her career began as a consultant at Dassault Systèmes. Then, she joined the IVADO team in 2017 and becomes Director of Industry-Research Partnerships to help companies highlight their data and position their human potential in the foreground while connecting with the innovative world of research.

In early October 2018, she became consultant for Montréal International to facilitate the creation of a worldwide organization whose role is to define a normative framework for artificial intelligence projects based on ethical principles such as the Montreal Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence.