Christine Hennion

Member of the French Parliament; Member of the French-German joint AI working group

Holding a PHD in solid physics, Christine Hennion led an international career in the telecom industry. Her digital career made her question our current use of data and their potential harms to individual liberties. In this capacity, she was awarded best thesis within the Master’s degree of the ISEP (School of Digital Engineers in Paris) on data protection. She was elected Member of Parliament for Hauts-de-Seine in June 2017 and joined the Economic Affairs Committee and the European Affairs Committee within the National Assembly. First Vice-President of the Higher Commission of Digital and Postal Services, she was rapporteur for opinion on the data protection bill (GDPR), as well as credits for “electronic communications and digital economy” on the Draft Budget Bill for 2018, 2019 and 2020. She also conducted a parliamentary work on European policy on disruptive innovation. In 2019, she founded a working group on artificial intelligence and disruptive innovations as part of the French and German Assembly.