Fabrice Brégier

President, Palantir France

Fabrice Brégier has been the President of Palantir France since October 2018. He was previously President of Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Airbus Chief Operating Officer and member of Airbus Group Executive Committee. Brégier started his career in 1986 in the French Ministry of Industry and was then appointed Director of Economic and Financial Affairs with the French Ministry of Agriculture in 1989. He was appointed CEO of Matra Bae Dynamics in 1998, following the joint creation of the group by Aérospatiale-Matra, British Aerospace and Finmeccanica, and became CEO of MBDA in 2001. Brégier became CEO of Eurocopter before joining Airbus as Deputy CEO in October 2006 and becoming CEO in June 2012. Brégier graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1980 and from the École des Mines.