Marek Havrda

AI Policy & Social Impact Director, GoodAI

Marek Havrda is Strategy Advisor at GoodAI, a private R&D company focusing on the development of Artificial General Intelligence and AI applications. An economist and sociologist by training, Havrda is on a long-term personal leave from the European Commission, where he contributed to the Impact Assessment of new legislation and to the use of behavioral economics for policy formulation. Previously, he worked for think-tanks and the private sector with multinational innovation leaders in telecom and material industries. Since returning to the Czech Republic in 2012, he has been working on various behavioral science-inspired projects. He has served as an advisor to the Czech Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education, and as a member of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Board where he advises the Czech Government on potential impacts of draft legislation. He studied at Charles University, Warwick Business School, Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown University.