Sanjay Mohan

President & CEO of healthio inc.

Sanjay Mohan is president and CEO of a preventive health-tech startup, Healthio Inc. Healthio is a consumer-facing preventive health platform that aggregates user-generated sensor and non-sensor data to understand changes in an individual’s physiology and predicts health outcomes. Healthio’s mission is to take proactive steps to connect a consumer with a specialist before an emergency. Mohan is responsible for driving the company’s overall strategy and its use of AI as a disruptive force in the health-tech industry. His more than 23 years of management experience in insurance and health care markets across North America, Europe and APAC has demonstrated a track record of delivering innovative growth strategies and generating superior profit margins. Mohan received his Master’s in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science with an emphasis on using AI for power distribution system restoration. He subsequently received an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.