Dr. Rangarajan Sampath

Chief Scientific Officer, FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics)

Dr. Rangarajan Sampath is the Chief Scientific Officer at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), a position he has held since September 2017. Previously, Dr. Sampath was the co-founder of Ibis Biosciences and a co-inventor of the IRIDICA (CE-IVD) infectious disease diagnostics platform, where he served as a Volwiler Senior Research Fellow and Senior Director of R&D for the Ibis Division of Abbott. In this position, he led efforts in infectious disease diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance diagnostics and surveillance and was responsible for applications development, validation, data analysis and reporting and scientific research for the Ibis PCR/ESI-MS based IRIDICA platform. Dr. Sampath has been the lead investigator on several programs related to bioinformatics, drug discovery, and biological-warfare agent detection and treatment. His research interests include antimicrobial strategy development, pathogen discovery, fevers of unknown origin, tropical diseases, epidemiological surveillance and biothreat detection. Dr. Sampath holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Rice University in Houston, and a degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, India.