Jan-Willem Scheijgrond

vice president legal and IP standards, Philips

Mr. Scheijgrond currently heads the global network within Philips that is responsible for the relations with governments and related stakeholders to address societal challenges in particular in the area of large-scale healthcare transformations.
He is also responsible for partnerships with international partners such as the United Nations and International donors. In that role Mr. Scheijgrond focuses on partnerships that strengthen health systems in support of achieving Universal Health Coverage.
Mr. Scheijgrond is a Board Member of the Partnership for Maternal and Newborn Child Health (PMNCH), member of the Global Finance Facility Investors Group and Chairman of the UN Global Compact Netherlands.
Mr. Scheijgrond joined Philips in 2009 as Senior Director as part of the Corporate Sustainability Office with responsibility for risk and reputation management.
He started his career at the United Nations Environment Program, where he developed best practices guides related to cleaner production for emerging markets. Subsequently, he held a number of sustainability and government affairs related functions at the BLC Leather Confederation, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard.
Mr. Scheijgrond holds a master’s degree in Environmental Technology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, he is married and has two children.

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