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Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, founded in 1972, is the voice of large, medium and small chemical companies across Europe, which provide 1.2 million jobs and account for about 17% of world chemicals production. Cefic members form one of the most active networks of the business community, complemented by partnerships with industry associations representing various sectors in the value chain. A full list of our members is available on the Cefic website. Cefic is an active member of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which represents chemical manufacturers and producers all over the world and seeks to strengthen existing cooperation with global organisations such as UNEP and the OECD to improve chemicals management worldwide.

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En+ Group is a leading international vertically integrated aluminium and hydro power producer. The Company combines power plants with a total installed capacity of 19.5 GW (including 15.1 GW of hydro power assets), and 3.9 mt of annual aluminium production capacity (through a controlling stake in RUSAL, the world’s largest aluminium producer outside of China in 2019) which is the major consumer of En+ Group’s hydroelectricity.

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McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm committed to helping organizations create Change that Matters.

In more than 130 cities and 65 countries, our teams help clients across the private, public and social sectors shape bold strategies and transform the way they work, embed technology where it unlocks value, and build capabilities to sustain the change. Not just any change, but Change that Matters – for their organizations, their people, and in turn society at large.

Twitter: @mckongov

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SMEunited, formally known as UEAPME, is the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe with around 70 member organizations from over 30 European countries. SMEunited is a recognized employers’ organization and European Social Partner and acts on behalf of crafts and SMEs in the European Social Dialogue and in discussions with the EU institutions. We represent national cross-sectoral Craft and SME federations, European SME branch organizations and associate members. We speak on behalf of the 24 million SMEs in Europe which employ almost 95 million people.  We are a non-profit seeking and non-partisan organization.

The British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium is a not-for-profit serving its members by facilitating business in Belgium and engaging with the European Union and its decision making. The chamber has been serving the international business community here for over 100 years and is committed to the long term – continuing to be the ultimate Gateway to Europe. Its members are small to large businesses from Britain and across the world – all with a stake in the success of Europe and its economy. They employ 1.2m people in the U.K. alone, with at least as many again in the rest of Europe. The chamber is trusted partner to those already established here or looking to grow their business here and across Europe. It is here to serve, facilitate and advise, and encourage its members to connect, engage and belong to the Essential European Network.

EUROCHAMBRES is the European Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which represents over 20 million enterprises in Europe – 93% of which are SMEs – through members in 43 countries and a European network of 1700 regional and local Chambers. EUROCHAMBRES strives to improve the general conditions in which businesses operate, to facilitate access to markets within and beyond the EU and to ensure the availability of human, financial and natural resources. The Association was established in 1958 as a direct response to the creation of the European Economic Community and act as the eyes, ears and voice of the business community at EU level.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) is Sweden’s largest business federation. It represents some 50 member organizations and 60,000 member companies. We provide support and a structure for employer issues in negotiations with unions as well as expertise in those issues that are important to businesses.

Our values are based on the importance of free enterprise from a pro-market perspective; therefore we drive those issues that will strengthen the core of the EU – the four freedoms. We work for free trade, free and fair competition, a deeper better-functioning internal market that includes a forward-looking approach to digitalization, competitive taxes, and a globally adapted energy and climate policy designed to contribute to growth.

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