Liberal Democracy vs A Strong Hand

There are big differences in support for liberal democracy among Central and Eastern European countries. Almost half of Bulgarians would prefer a political regime with authoritarian tendencies. In some countries, such as Poland and Hungary, support for liberal democracy remains high despite

An embatted economy

The coronavirus is challenging Europe with perhaps its sharpest economic decline in a century. In particular, the gathering recession looms over already highly indebted countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece, which will need yet more debt to fund their recovery Download

Europe on the move again

Data from route-finding apps suggests that people started moving around more even before lockdown rules were lifted in many European countries. Download the graph Source : Apple, POLITICO research

Money Laundering: The big picture

Some EU countries are among the best in the world at implementing technical recommendations to combat money laundering, but this doesn’t necessarily lead to impressive results: In the bloc, only 1.1 percent of estimated illicit proceeds are seized by authorities. Only 1

Health systems under coronavirus stress test

Some countries in the EU were ill-equipped to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Germany has seven times more critical care beds per head of population than Portugal. The capacity of health systems has been crucial to dealing with the pandemic. Download the

The Impact of COVID-19 on public affairs

To assess PA experiences, responses and innovative practices across industries resulting from the impact of COVID-19, the Global Public Affairs Club (GPAC) launched a short survey consisting of seven questions sent to public affairs professionals worldwide. Download the graph Source : GPAC

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