The Impact of COVID-19 on public affairs

To assess PA experiences, responses and innovative practices across industries resulting from the impact of COVID-19, the Global Public Affairs Club (GPAC) launched a short survey consisting of seven questions sent to public affairs professionals worldwide. Download the graph Source : GPAC

Coronavirus: where electricity demand has fallen

Electricity demand fell by over 22 percent in France during the first week of the lockdown, between March 16-22, compared with the first week of the month. Italy, the first EU country to impose confinement measures, continued to see a decrease in

How to impeach a US president

Donald Trump is the fourth president in U.S. history to face a formal impeachment inquiry. Here are the steps involved in a presidential impeachment, which can be a long, complicated process. Download the graph Source : POLITICO

Regulatory growth

Regulation is growing and getting more complex across regions, with Europe consistently and significantly ahead in terms of the growth and total number of regulations since 2012 until today. Download the graph Source : DataPoint POLITICO

Commission power structure

Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen introduced her proposed team of commissioners with an org chartfeaturing concentric circles and green and blue squares but little indication of who will actually be calling the shots on the most important policy issues. POLITICO has

Influence of news channels and social media on decision-making

News channels such as POLITICO and the Financial Times and social media such as Twitter have significant influence on the decision-making behavior of MEP’s, EU institution staff and opinion formers. The data and visual is produced by Burson Cohn & Wolfe. Download

The decline of democracy in Europe

The number of EU countries where the rule of law is poorly regarded has increased steadily in the last decade, according to the V-Dem Institute. The Swedish organization’s analysis shows that only five countries in the bloc have strengthened their democracies since

Female voices in the European Parliament

Has the tide finally turned for women in EU top jobs? Ursula von der Leyen is tapped to become the first female president of the European Commission and Christine Lagarde looks set to head the European Central Bank. Following the European election,

EU-Mercosur trade

After almost 20 years, the EU is on the cusp of signing a trade agreement with Mercosur (the South American trading bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay). Trade between the two blocs in 2018 was valued at about €88 billion, with

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