About us

ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta Forum, March 15, 2019 | #Cloud Business Center, PARIS

Founded in 1911, L’AGEFI is a financial press group who belongs to Artémis, François Pinault Group holding.

Our 50+ journalists examine lastest business news on a daily basis in order to provide finance professionals with the high-level articles, analysis and insights they need.

L’AGEFI is ackowledged globally for the quality of the information displayed, as well as its new media expertise, and is constantly adapting its material accordingly.

Everyday, at any time, finance professionals can have access  to the widest range of information thanks to L’AGEFI’s electronic daily news, website and mobile apps.

Thanks to its unique database of over 264 000 finance professionals and  using various events such as seminars, conferences and professional meetings, L’AGEFI aims to gather finance experts from all over the world.

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