What is our Ambassador program?

Tips from Flavia – STUDYING ABROAD

  1. Make friends outside of people from your country. The beauty of studying abroad is meeting people from all over the world, learn about their culture, and see a different perspective.
  2. If you have the chance, travel around the country where you are studying. Exploring it as a resident is often more insightful than as a tourist.
  3. Learn some of the language. Depending on your stay (a semester vs. a two years programme) you have the chance to add a new language to your skills list. If you can’t, at least get some basic phrases down, the locals will appreciate it.
  4. Make plans ahead of time in terms of accommodation, especially if the country/university doesn’t provide dorms. You don’t want to live in a hostel for a month or more.
  5. Try local foods, drinks or experiences. Especially if the country has a stark contrast to your home country, the local experiences are all more exciting.


Tips from Robert – STUDENT SOCIETIES

During your time at university, you have the opportunity to get involved with very different student societies. In my opinion, this is one of the best aspects of university. Every university has a range of societies: Some help you prepare you for a career in a specific sector, some get you involved with student-run projects and some support causes you might be passionate about. If your dream society doesn’t exist yet, you will find others with the same interests to start one together.

My advice is to get involved as early as possible. Many societies recruit members early in the first semester for their different teams. If you want to take on more responsibilities in the society and shape its future, you can then apply in the following year for a leadership position. However, if you only find out later about a society, I’d definitely still advice to attend their events and meet the people. If you’re keen to get involved, they will always be happy to include you.

Being part of a society is an enriching experience, which can shape your future. You can make new friends, develop specific skills and gain leadership experience.





Our ambassadors are dynamic, outgoing students or young professionals interested or currently enrolled in EU affairs, international relations, business, law, economics or foreign languages from all around the world.

What is the role of our ambassadors?

  • Use social skills to spread the word – among their peers, friends and family to entice potential attendees for the event
  • Promote the event on social media on platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Distribute EUSCF material in their university, student association and on other on-campus platforms
  • Be present virtually at the EU Studies and Career Fair on February 4&5 to assist the organizing team in delivering the event
  • Share their study and work experience with prospective students and young professionals at the Ambassador’s hangout virtual stand

What do they get from this experience?

  • Meet the staff behind Brussels Playbook and much more in a visit to POLITICO’s offices in the heart of Brussels (subject to health measures in place)
  • Be the first in line to visit any of our 50+ exhibitors during the fair
  • Connect with 1000+ young professionals and students
  • Join the growing alumni network of past and present EUSCF Ambassadors
  • Obtain an official “EUSCF Ambassador certificate” as proof of their hard work

Applications to become an ambassador for POLITICO’s EU Studies and Career Fair 2021 are now closed.

Applications for the 2022 edition will open in May 2021. For any question feel free to reach us at