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Awards ceremony: February 14 - 4:00 PM at the Politico’s EU Studies and Career Fair 2020.

The 2020 Trusted Jobs Ranking awarded the top 25 employers in EU Affairs.

For the first time people working in EU Affairs have a say on their working conditions and can improve the work culture in the sector of the EU. We invite you to review anonymously your work experiences in EU Affairs, including your current job[1].

Take part to the ranking & rate your work experience!

The rating system of the 2020 Trusted Jobs Ranking was co-created by a wide range of civil society actors and endorsed by the European Commission[2]. It relies on a the reviews of these who know best: employees.

The 2020 Trusted Jobs Ranking gives recognition to organisations with the best working conditions. It encourages other to improve their work culture and has the ultimate goal to create better jobs for all.

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[1] The evaluation system guarantees the anonymity of individuals giving an online review, as stated in Trusted Jobs privacy policy.

[2] The evaluation criteria were co-created by a wide range of actors, including companies, universities, civil society and youth organisations It focuses on remuneration, offer and contract, supervision and management, learning content, work environment and career development.  They are based on the European Label for Best Internships and the European Charter for the Quality of Internships and Apprenticeships developed respectively by InternsGoPro and the European Youth Forum. The initiative was endorsed by the European Commission, and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Budget of the European Union