Managed Funds Association (MFA) represents the global alternative investment industry and its investors by advocating for sound industry practices and public policies that foster efficient, transparent, and fair capital markets. MFA, based in Washington, DC, is an advocacy, education, and communications organization established to enable hedge fund and managed futures firms in the alternative investment industry to participate in public policy discourse, share best practices and learn from peers, and communicate the industry’s contributions to the global economy. MFA members help pension plans, university endowments, charitable organizations, qualified individuals and other institutional investors diversify their investments, manage risk, and generate attractive returns. MFA has cultivated a global Membership and actively engages with regulators and policy makers in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and all other regions where MFA Members are market participants.

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CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion of ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. Our aim is to create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow. There are more than 163,000 CFA charterholders worldwide in 163 countries and regions. CFA Institute has nine offices worldwide and there are 157 local member societies.

American Express is a globally integrated payments company which serves consumers, merchants and businesses – from the largest multinational to the smallest start up – in more than 130 countries around the world.  We’re focused on giving all our customers the backing, tools and insights that they need to succeed.  As we’re always a choice for our customers, we focus constantly on how to create value for them. This has driven us to innovate throughout our 170 year history. Whether leveraging AI to deliver even safer and more seamless payments, or using opportunities such as Open Banking to empower our customers, we’re leading the way in defining the future of payments in the EU and globally.


The Alternative Credit Council (ACC) is a global body that represents asset management firms in the private credit and direct lending space. It currently represents members that manage over $400bn of private credit assets.
The ACC is an affiliate of AIMA and is governed by its own board which ultimately reports to the AIMA Council.

ACC members provide an important source of funding to the economy. They provide finance to mid-market corporates, SMEs, commercial and residential real estate developments, infrastructure as well the trade and receivables business.

The ACC’s core objectives are to provide guidance on policy and regulatory matters, support wider advocacy and educational efforts and generate industry research with the view to strengthening the sector’s sustainability and wider economic and financial benefits.

Alternative credit, private debt or direct lending funds have grown substantially in recent years and are becoming a key segment of the asset management industry. The ACC seeks to explain the value of private credit by highlighting the sector’s wider economic and financial stability benefits.

Founded in 2000 and based in Paris, Institut Montaigne is an independent think tank dedicated to public policy in France and Europe. Its work is the result of a rigorous, critical and open method of analysis based on international comparisons. This pioneering non-profit think tank brings together business leaders, senior civil servants, academics, civil society and personalities from a wide range of backgrounds. It is run exclusively through private contributions, each representing less than 1,5% of its annual budget, which amounts to to € 5.6 million. Through its various actions – proposals, evaluations of public policies, citizen participations and experimentations – Institut Montaigne aims to play a key role in the democratic debate.

Link to the Institut Montaigne website (English & French)

The French Asset Management Association (Association Française de la Gestion financière, AFG) is the professional organisation representing the French asset management industry. Asset management is about helping retail and professional investors to provide for their future and achieve other long-term goals. Individuals and organisations entrust their savings to asset managers, who seek to increase their value by investing in the real economy via companies’ shares or bonds, government bonds, and infrastructures’ assets.

The French asset management sector is the largest in continental Europe: 630 asset management companies employ directly and indirectly 85,000 people and invest on behalf of their clients up to 4,000 billion euros in bonds, shares and other assets. About 50 % of French asset managers commercialise their funds on a cross-border basis, and more than 30 % of the assets managed by our members are issued by corporates or states of the Euro zone (excluding France), which makes our industry a key source of funding for the European economy.

AFG is an active member of EFAMA and PensionsEurope and is complying with the transparency register of the Commission and the European Parliament: ID n°: 5975679180-97.

Find out more about AFG on their website. Follow them on Twitter @AFG_France

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