Fran Boait

Executive Director, Positive Money

As executive director, Fran Boait has led the U.K. and international expansion of Positive Money, a non-profit think tank, which campaigns for systemic change of the money and banking system to support a fair, sustainable, and democratic economy. Positive Money Europe launched in 2018, and Positive Money U.S. will be set up in 2020. Committed to wider financial reform, Boait is also a director of Finance Watch, a senior fellow at the Finance Innovation Lab, and an advisor to Transparency Taskforce.

Boait was recognized as one of the most ‘Inspirational Women in the City’ 2017 by Brummell Magazine. She has an MSc and Ph.D. from Cambridge University in Geophysics and has worked at various international organizations including the UN, Greenpeace, and BP.