Piers Haben

Director of Banking Markets, Innovation and Consumers, European Banking Authority

Piers Haben is a director at the European Banking Authority (EBA) where he is responsible for the EBA’s work on banking markets, innovation and consumers. He leads teams that look at the reporting and loan management, financial technology and innovation, capital markets developments, payments systems, and consumers. Until 2018, Haben was responsible for the EBA’s risk infrastructure and stress testing work as well as supervisory convergence across the EU.

Prior to joining the EBA, Haben worked for the Financial Services Authority in the U.K., where he held a number of roles related to prudential policy and supervision, including leading the FSA’s policy work on stress testing and the supervisory review of firms under the second pillar of the Basel Accords. Haben also has covered a number of positions of international relevance, in particular through his membership within the Basel Committee’s Supervision and Implementation Group, his work in the Financial Stability Forum and his advisory role for the South African Reserve Bank.