GENERAL COUNSEL 2019 ROUNDTABLE | March 22d, 2019 | Salons Hoche, PARIS



  • Your 2019 Regulatory and political framework: Brexit and European elections, The Copyright reform, the e-Privacy regulation, the Transparency Register, the Common Reporting Standard.
  • Your Data Protection and Security challenges: Hacking/phishing/malware/ransomware is your area of greatest concern (87%), followed by issues resulting from employee error and the risk of breaches via non-law-firm vendors
  • Your growing list of digital tools: smart contracts, innovative solutions to reduce your costs and save time, data analytics to evaluate risks, artificial intelligence algorithms for a predictive justice
  • Your crisis and risk management issues: dealing with cybersecurity threats and commercial disputes and managing various types of risks for your company
  • Your legal team of the future: attracting and retaining talent, working with legaltechs: how to build a successful and strong legal team

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