Piotr Kedzierski

Public Affairs Director, T-Mobile Poland

A graduate of international relations faculty at the University of Warsaw. For over ten years, he worked in various senior management positions in communications and public affairs at the European division of the Swedish energy company Vattenfall. He was also responsible for the groupwide implementation of the Incident and Crisis Management system.

The challenges of climate change and the phase out of nuclear energy have created at the time a demanding environment for the corporate’s public policies. Before joining Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile Poland he worked as the Head of Corporate Affairs for KGHM, the copper mining group.

Central and local government relations in Canada and Chile were then the most serious matters for the company. Both energy and mining as well as telecommunication are heavily regulated sectors and usually treated as a part of the state’s critical infrastructure. Since 2016 he has been Head of Public Affairs at T-Mobile Poland.

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