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and powers shaping the future of the EU

What awaits?

Live extension of POLITICO’s
professional policy intelligence services

Intimate, interactive experience for professionals who need insider insight on political and policy transformations

Exclusive access to POLITICO’s
experts, with opportunity for Q&A

Participants ranging from government to consultancy, trade associations, NGOs and more.


Our Workshops

AI power metrics – decision makers from the new era

Half day workshop
16/03/2020 – Brussels

Geopolitical Europe – Insights into EU Foreign Policy

Half day workshop
16/04/2020 – Brussels

100 Days in –
Outlook on the Commission’s priorities

Half day workshop
28/04/2020 – Brussels

The New Power Balance in Europe – Who’s ‘actually’ leading the EU?

Full day workshop
12/05/2020 – Brussels

A geopolitical commission
in times of rising nationalism

Half day workshop
29/05/2020 – Brussels

European Champions and
the competition dilemma

Half day workshop
30/06/2020 – Brussels

Our Expertise

POLITICO Europe provides the most authoritative coverage of the politics and policy of the European Union. Through non-partisan journalism, professional policy services and live events, we connect the dots between European power centers and empower professionals with actionable intelligence. In June 2018, POLITICO was voted the number 1 most influential EU media publication, for the 2nd year running.

Participants will benefit from :

  • Insider expertise of POLITICO’s 60+ newsroom of international reporters based in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, London and other key European Capitals.
  • Insights drawn from Pro Intelligence, our professional platform with exclusive voting and national polling data.
  • Knowledge sharing and networking with industry peers during interactive group exercises.

Cornelius Hirsch, POLITICO’s Intelligence analyst.

The workshops will be led by Cornelius Hirsch, POLITICO’s Intelligence analyst. He is also the co-founder of pollofpolls.eu, a polling data website acquired and integrated into POLITICO’s European Election hub. Poll of Polls offers professional polling aggregations for all upcoming national elections in Europe and powered a seat tracker model for the 2019 European Parliament elections.

Our Custom Solutions

We provide in-house bespoke options for organizations who want to delve deeper into the impact of Europe’s changing leadership on their specific organization or industry.

Our Past Workshops

The Brexit dis-agreement and the way forward

Half day workshop
19/02/2020 – Brussels

The Brussels circus

Full day workshop
28/01/2020 – Brussels

The 2020-2024 Commission’s agenda

Half day workshop
14/01/2020 – Brussels

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