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The buzzword AI is in everyone’s mouth but how does the political Europe deal with the new technologies changing the way we live, communicate, produce and consume? The European Commission wants to set the standards for algorithms and AI technologies, how is that playing out? Who are the key figures in shaping policies in this area and what legislation is key to follow closely?



Half day workshop

Click below to download the chart with AI related patents by country. In which country are the most AI patents filed?

Programs and timing

  • 14:00 PM – REGISTRATION and coffee
  • 14:30 PM to 18:00 PM – Workshop
  • 14:30 PM – AI, how artificial and how intelligent is it?
    • The workshop starts with a background check on the topics at stake. What are the current trends around AI, what is artificial and what is intelligence?
    • How to define AI in order to make policy discussions meaningful in the future? Not all AI systems are data driven, and different systems might need different regulations.
  • 15:30 PM: AI and EU
    • The European Commission has presented its strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence and published a AI Whitepaper. We analyze the politics and policies behind the EU’s approach towards AI and what it means for investment and research, but also how the geopolitical reality plays into the debate.

Coffee break

  • 16:50 PM – Legislation, the key players and the debates in focus
    • What legislation and regulation can we expect in the near future? Who’s at the forefront and what are the issues at the center of the debate? 
    • With PRO INTELLIGENCE, voting behavior has become more transparent. The workshop analyzes the power balance in the European Parliament and the key players in the political arena when it comes to AI. 
  • 17:30 PM – Q&A with Janosch Delcker, POLITICO’s Artificial Intelligence Correspondent.
  • 18:00 PM – AI Summit networking reception and seated gala dinner

our experts

Cornelius Hirsch
Intelligence Analyst

Janosch Delcker
Artificial Intelligence Correspondent


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