A geopolitical commission in times of rising nationalism

Above all else, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has labeled her commission a geopolitical one. Her first trip abroad brought her to Ethiopia to meet the leaders of the African Union and she has tasked her commissioners with developing measures to increase the resilience of the European Union. Critics say this comes with a return of protectionism on all fronts.



Half day workshop

This Executive Workshop will look at the current geopolitical tensions and developments and enable you to discuss the steps the European Commission is expected to take in the coming years with our experts and peers from your sector. What characterizes a G2-like world order? What developments are on the commission’s radar and what would a protectionist turn mean for Europe? How will the relationship with the USA develop and what stance will the EU take on China? These and more questions will be addressed in our exclusive workshop in April 2020.

Programs and timing

  • 14:30 PM Registration and coffee
  • 15:00 PM Workshop part 1: The G2 world we live in and how the EU tries to respond 
  • 16:40 PM Coffee break
  • 17:00 PM Workshop part 2: National interests versus a coherent European foreign policy 
  • 18:00 PM Q&A our Chief Europe correspondent Matthew Karnitschnig
  • 18:30 PM Networking reception
  • 19:30 PM End of the event

our experts

Cornelius Hirsch
Intelligence Analyst

Matthew Karnitschnig
Chief Europe Correspondent


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