The New Power Balance in Europe – Who’s ‘actually’ leading the EU?

2019 was the year of transition. 2020 is the year of implementation within the EU institutions. Who has emerged as a troublemaker, who is setting the agenda, and which institutions have gained or lost influence? In short: what are the new dynamics in Brussels after the big reshuffle, and do you know the power players? We’ll introduce them to you.



Full day workshop

Programs and timing

  • 8:30 AM Registration and coffee
  • 9:00 AM Workshop part 1: Meet the new Brussels, new faces, new institutions, less member states

Coffee Break

  • 11:00 AM Workshop part 2: The hidden power centers in the Brussels institutions.
  • 12:00 PM Q&A with Maïa de La Baume, European Parliament reporter, POLITICO
  • 12:30 PM Networking lunch
  • 13:30 PM Workshop part 3: The power of the capitals and the changing political landscape in Europe.

Coffee break

  • 14:45 PM Q&A with David Herszenhorn, Chief Brussels Correspondent, POLITICO
  • 15:30 PM End of the event

our experts

Cornelius Hirsch
Intelligence Analyst

David Herszenhorn
Chief Brussels Correspondent


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