June 21, 2018 | Brussels


POLITICO has a longstanding interest in women’s leadership in politics, policymaking, and business, notably via our Women Rule series started in Washington.

We are now looking to foster similar discussions in Europe, exploring contributions women make to European politics and business. The project will include news-making interviews and podcasts, networking events, original reporting, and a large-scale summit on June 21, 2018, in Brussels.

While we still evolve in a world where women are underrepresented, be it in political powerhouses or in the boardroom, this full-day event will highlight transformative women championing important issues on the political and policy agenda and driving business growth and societal change.

Join over 150 members of the Women Rule community, and meet the women shaping the world from behind the scenes at the center of the political, business and intellectual stage. This Summit will feature inspirational keynote speeches, thought-provoking debates, unique networking opportunities and other learning moments to discuss women success, new leadership models, and the challenges ahead.

  • How do women calling the shots view the challenges facing our world today?
  • What is the role of government leveling the playing field?
  • What difference, if any, do women make when they are at the table?

To learn more about the Women Rule series, please visit www.politico.com/womenrule


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Visionary speakers

Attracting visionary speakers from across the globe

Interactive agenda

Featuring an interactive 1-day agenda with keynotes, panels and roundtable discussions

Peer connections

Networking opportunities with industry leaders and stakeholders

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