Zita Gurmai

Member of the National Assembly, Hungary

Zita Gurmai is a Member of the National Assembly in Hungary since April 2018. She is currently President of PES Women, which promotes gender equality inside and outside the Party of European Socialists.

Amongst other, she cooperated with Commissioner Neven Mimica on International Cooperation and Development issues.

Elected Member of Parliament from 2002-2004, Gurmai worked on the Hungarian Parliament’s Committees on European Integration and Foreign Affairs.

In the first European elections of the EU 25, Gurmai was elected Member of the European Parliament. During the 2004-09 European Parliament term, she was Vice-President of the Parliament’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee and a member of Regional Development Committee.

In 2009, she was re-elected as Member of the European Parliament and was appointed Vice-President of European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee. Amongst other activities, Zita is Vice-President of FEPS, the European Progressive Think Tank and also promotes gender equality and women’s rights in the Global Progressive Forum project.

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